Exports and imports


Joint Venture Partner / Distributor / Personnel searches

EMD EXIM can advise a client on how best to be represented in the target market, whether by a joint venture partner, distributor/agent, and source and contract with appropriate candidates. EMD EXIM can recommend commercial terms of appointment and either conduct or assist with negotiations to conclude the terms of engagement. EMD EXIM also provide monitoring of representative/s performance for an agreed term after appointment, sufficiently long to ensure performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)/Outsourced manufacturing

EMD EXIM recognize that to improve profitability it may be necessary to have some, or all products manufactured offshore. EMD EXIM experienced OEM consultants assume responsibility for the set up of plant, recruitment of personnel, location and site selection, standard/s (country or ISO) accreditation, set up and maintenance of supply chain, etc.

Prior to recommendation, OEM factories are thoroughly assessed by EMD EXIMs engineers to ensure that processes, equipment, testing procedures, and quality controls are at a minimum equivalent to internationally (usually ISO) acceptable levels.

Engineering and industrial design

EMD EXIM’s engineers assist manufacturers with concept and implementation of advanced process technologies, CADD, CAM, CAE and their integration within the general business system, international technology transfer/s, engineering operations design and development and restructuring. Our engineers provide product development/design and product data management, in addition to R & D analysis, optimisation, development, and strategic management of intellectual property (common law jurisdictions only).


EMD EXIM procurement facility, we provide procurement services, minimising the supply chain and maximise profits for the client. EMD EXIM provides sourcing, negotiation and supply contract management, engineering quality controls and payment advice for EMD EXIM clients seeking to procure goods in numerous industries. Utilising labour, currency and technology advantages in other jurisdictions can provide clients with net savings of up to 60%.


Services Offered

  • Special Valuation Matters
  • Doing Business in India
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Restrictions for Imports / Exports
  • Import Duty Structure
  • Project Imports
  • Payments for Imports / Exports
  • Customs Procedures and SVB matters
  • Promotional Measures for Exports
  • Duty Exemption Scheme
  • EPCG: Export Promotion Capital Goods Schemes
  • Deemed Exports
  • Duty Drawback
  • Special Economic Zones