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“EMD EXIM’s founders have complimentary backgrounds in management and engineering. Together, we provide a full range of services in the field of international business including technical, commercial, logistics and custom clearance expertise.etc.

In today’s environment, your company’s success depends on your ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Making and managing decisions in a timely manner can be the critical difference between your company’s success or failure.

EMD EXPORT IMPORT Solutions is one of the leading India’s international business development agency. Our role is to help India businesses grow bigger, better, faster in international markets.EMD strategy supports the Government’s Business Growth Agenda and Private companies which create conditions that encourage successful businesses to grow globally.EMD EXIM’s customers are India’s internationalising businesses. We work with most of the start up, mid level and well establish companies who have the ambition to succeed internationally.Our programmes and services are designed to support businesses to grow and succeed internationally and are focused primarily on refining strategy, improving performance, building global networks, and in-market support for business development.We align our service with different stages of a business lifecycle – from starting and growing a business, through to exporting and operating internationally – and help address the scale and distance issues faced by Indian exporters.We work in partnership with India businesses, helping to build strategic alliances and develop commercial relationships. We connect them with opportunities and contacts in international markets, and share our knowledge, experience and networks to help businesses develop capability and scale.


Our vision is to be the benchmark company for the companies that are searching for business opportunities in the Global Markets as well as for professionals in the Global Trade Business who are looking for a company that invests in business excellence and in the development of its employees.


Mission is to make international trading feasible through prospecting, market research, import and export process management, with a focus on profitable results for our customers, suppliers and the society as a whole preserving and promoting business ethics, morals and social responsibility.